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SME Solutions with

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Partner with ITAlliance and allow us to be extension of your business, to help you grow your business, by using affordable world class technology.


IT Support

ITAlliance is sensitive to working for the SME business owner and providing affordable, yet world class IT Support solutions. All our solutions are based on Total Cost of Ownership and an early Return on Investment.

Managed Services

We provide a full Managed Service Offering, using inexpensive but powerful software tools that helps drives cost to the client down. We also make use of these software tools that provide ‘deeper’ management of your servers, laptops and devices. These tools provide audit information, software update statuses and the ability to remotely ‘control’ these devices when required.

Office 365 Migrations


ITAlliance can assist with the full suite of Office 365 migrations from a spectrum of existing mail system. We provide O365 Tenant Management, covering user roles, enforcing security standards and policies, service health and managing service tickets.



We subscribe to the opinion that if we are able to measure anything of significance, then it will improve. Contrary, anything that is not managed – will deteriorate.

We want to build long term relationship with our clients and the only way we can do that – is to be providing real value and putting ourselves in the client’s position. “What would we do?” is the question we always ask ourselves. We subscribe to the Bob Parson 16 rules of engagement.


We have been rated as a Level 3 contributor

Our BBBEE status is recognised as an Exempt Micro Enterprise ( EME ) and the Codes of Good Practice suggest we ensure our customers are aware of this. The codes of good practice also stipulate that we have been rated as a Level 3 contributor with a 100% BEE recognition level.

This means clients purchasing from ITAlliance and wishing to measure their levels of compliance with the Codes of Good Practice Procurement Scorecard [Code 500 Generic/ Code 805 QSE], can recognise 135% of their spend with ITAlliance, as being BEE spend.